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The Centre for Studies of Immune Regulation has been selected as a Centre of Excellence by The Research Council of Norway, starting in 2007. There are five member-groups, Bakke-group, Bogen-group, Johansen-group, Sandlie-group and Sollid-group. All groups are located at The University of Oslo.

History. The three clinical immunology-oriented groups and the two basic immunology/technology-oriented groups have been engaged in extensive interaction through the Centre for Vaccinology and Immunotherapy (CEVI). CEVI was established in 2001 as a thematic research group in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, based on top evaluation among 37 applications. In 2005, CEVI received another excellent evaluation, and its mandate was extended. CEVI has organised an annual one-day synergy seminar emphasizing project presentation by doctoral students and postdocs to promote student-initiated collaboration.

The scientific goal of the Centre is to identify mechanisms of immune dysregulation that contribute to autoimmune and allergic disease. Three models of autoimmune and allergic disease will be studied in detail to identify novel mechanisms amenable to therapeutic intervention. Applying this information, we will develop and implement innovative agents for use in immune intervention and therapy. This work will involve a combination of basic research, research using animal and human disease models, and student training, all of which will be carried out by the multidisciplinary Centre. The Centre will be a collaborative of two technology-oriented groups and three clinical immunology-oriented groups in a University Hospital environment. The five groups have complementary expertise and together possess an extensive array of state-of-the-art technologies that are integral to the studies. The Centre will also bring in leading scientists from abroad.